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Mass on campus will resume at the start of the

Fall semester in September.

Sunday Mass - 6:00 PM - SC Cafe B&C

Monday - 5:30 PM - Newman Center Chapel

Tuesday - 5:30 PM - Newman Center Chapel

Wednesday - 5:30 PM - Newman Center Chapel

Thursday - 8:30 PM - Newman Center Chapel

Friday - 12:00 PM - Newman Center Chapel


Sunday - 4:45-5:30 PM - SC Cafe B&C

Thursday - 9:00-10:00 PM - Newman Center

Other: email Fr. Jim to set up an appointment

For over 50 years, the Newman Catholic Center at Montclair State University has provided what many call a "home away from home." It is a place of faith sharing, challenge, and growth.

Catholic students on MSU's campus are encouraged to understand and practice their faith, and our goal is to provide the context and liturgy that allows them to do so.

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